University Pathway Application Screening Memorandum of Understanding

London Language Institute (LLI) is proud to offer a pathway program (LLI Pathway) for students seeking entrance into high school, college and university. LLI had developed a curriculum that prepares students for academic courses taught in English and has relationships with local high schools colleges and universities across Canada and into the United States. LLI has several university and college partners that we can attain conditional offers of acceptance from.

Students who academically qualify will be able to receive conditional letters of acceptance based on their successful completion of our program (graduate level programs excluded). The Academic Preparation Program at LLI includes CAEL, TOEFL and IELTS training and testing along with Canadian cultural classes, math upgrading (if necessary), and specific skills required for success.

For more information, you can view the LLI Information Prezi show or contact the administration office at:

Applicants must acknowledge and agree on the following terms prior to their application to university via LLI Pathway:

  • Applicants must meet the minimum requirements of a desired/recommended academic program*.
  • Applicants must submit clear and non-modified digital copies of their transcripts online for the initial screening process.
  • Applicants must submit physical original notarized copies of their transcripts to LLI** and ensure all documents are translated to or officially produced and notarized in English***.
  • Applicants must understand that the screening process is to help assess their eligibility to an academic program of their choice (either based on geographical location or program preference). In some cases LLI will recommend either a change to similar programs or a different location. It is the applicants decision to accept or decline the recommendation.
  • Applicants must understand that the application process time for under graduate programs differs from one university to another and from one program to another. Typically, processing times are 3-5 weeks.
  • Applicants must understand that LLI doesn’t guarantee admission to any academic program. Students must meet the conditions of the high school, college, university and LLI.
  • All documents and transcripts once submitted will become property of LLI, and they will not be returned to applicants under any circumstances.
  • LLI reserves the right to change and modify the terms of this agreement.

* Applicants can refer to the academic program webpage or LLI can assist them.
** LLI can assist applicants in case they are unable to provide original notarized copies on applicants own expense.
*** Applications made to schools within London ON take from 4-5 weeks (in some cases it might take longer) and applications made to schools outside London will take longer respectively.

I, hereby acknowledge, understand, and accept the terms of LLI Pathway mention above.

I Agree