TVO’s ILC High School Program through London Language Institute

LLI is proud to announce that beginning September 2016 we will be offering high school credits for students in grade 9 through 12.  Students will also be able to work towards attaining their Ontario Secondary School Diploma which is globally recognized for students seeking college and university entrance.  This unique program utilizes a facilitated model of teaching and is currently one of the largest high school programs being offered in Ontario ( through ILC in Toronto).  There are over 100 course to choose from!

Flexible programming allows student to attain three language at an accelerated rate and reach their academic goals in an efficient time frame.

In addition, LLI will be opening sites at partner schools around the world in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia. Taiwan and China.  International students will have the best language support and preparation while preparing for this program and while studying at one of our campuses.

Pricing details vary depending on the number of courses that you select

Please contact our office or visit our web page if you have any additional questions: [email protected]