Staying With a Canadian Family

Top Benefits Of Staying With a Canadian Family During student Summer Program

Published On: January 18, 2023

Want to speak English like a pro? London Language Institute (LLI) offers a summer program that helps international students improve their English language skills. The program is of 2,3 or 4 weeks and is available for two age groups, namely 12-17 years, and 18+ years.

The program also offers homestay with Canadian families. Why is it so? Let’s explore!

Advantages of selecting the LLI Summer program

Isn’t it exciting to make new friends across the globe and meet them personally? Since 1998, LLI has strengthened friendships among students from around the world through its summer camps.

The program package can benefit students in multiple ways. The most important benefit is that the students can improve their English proficiency along with learning cultural facts about Canada. The packed program of LLI includes:

  • In-class ESL study
  • Meals and accommodations offered by a Canadian family
  • Unlimited local transportation
  • Return airport transfer from the Lester B. Pearson airport in Toronto
  • Weekly local visit to London
  • Out-of-town activities
  • Optional weekend to Quebec/Ottawa/Montreal

Thus, the summer program is full of English learning, fun activities, cultural education, excursions, and others.

How staying with a Canadian family can be beneficial for your learning?

LLI Summer program

If you stay with a  host family, you are likely to improve your English language skills and enhance your knowledge of Canadian culture.

So, how can a Canadian family make your summer program exciting?

Canadian host families are selected as per the students’ needs

The Canadian families are carefully selected for the summer program in LLI so that the students can stay in a welcoming, friendly, and warm living environment. The students need to list their hobbies, interests, dietary requirements, and others in the application form. This will help the institute select a suitable family for respective students who have a shared interest.

Students can improve their English language skills

Staying with a  Canadian family can boost the students’ English language skills as they will be highly immersed in the language. Living with a native English speaker will help students to pick up the languages quicker. The students can practice their conversational skills daily while staying with a Canadian family.

Students can learn about Canadian culture

It is a culturally enriching experience for foreign students when they stay with a Canadian family during their summer program. If you are interested in learning about new cultures, you will cherish every moment of staying with a native family in Canada.

Students will feel like staying at home

Feeling homesick is common among students who are going overseas for a study program for the first time. Adjusting in a new country with new people may be daunting for young students with persisting linguistic barriers. So, staying with a Canadian family can offer you a home-like experience.

Student safety will be maintained

Child safety and welfare are a top priority for the institute when international students are leaving their homes behind to attend the summer program. Students will get a home-like environment with Canadian families. Students’ safety will be taken care of by both the learning institute and the homestay coordinator.

Final words

LLI summer program not only offers English language training. It offers an opportunity for international students to explore Canadian culture by staying with a Canadian family. This experience helps foreign students to enjoy home-like learning, grasp the language quickly, obtain cultural facts about the country and take a tour of Canada’s top tourist destinations. Learn more about the Learning Languages Institute and why to choose them. Contact us via or call us at +1 (519) 439-3350.

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