Top 3 English courses abroad that you should consider!

Published On: April 5, 2023

As the world continues to grow and evolve, one thing remains constant: the importance of effective communication. With each passing day, the need to connect and collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures becomes increasingly vital. And at the heart of this interconnected world, there stands a language that has truly flourished – English.

Are you ready to take your English language skills to the next level? Embarking on an immersive English course abroad is a fantastic way to not only enhance your language skills but also immerse yourself in a new culture and make unforgettable memories.

English Language Course:

The most popular course amongst language learners is the general English language course. It’s the perfect course for those looking to improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. You’ll be placed in classes with other students from around the world, all working towards the same goal of mastering the English language.

Get to know about LLI English Course:

At LLI, students learn through immersion in the English language, rather than solely memorizing vocabulary from a textbook. The curriculum emphasizes participation in whole-class and group activities to improve students’ speaking and writing skills.

We place a preference on interactive, task-based learning to develop language skills, ultimately improving communication and comprehension in English. The institution values students’ confidence in their abilities to communicate in English over their performance on standardized tests.

The ESL curriculum is divided into 4-week blocks, with one level taking 8 weeks to complete. Class hours range from 23-30 hours per week, providing ample time for students to study and practice outside of class. Completion of the full program is possible in as little as 12 months for full-time students.

Online or In-person ESL Classes?

Don’t let distance hold you back from achieving your language goals! At LLI, we offer both in-person and online options for our full-time ESL program, so you can choose the format that works best for you.

Whether you attend in-person at our modern institutions in downtown London and Mississauga Ontario or join us virtually via your computer, our curriculum remains exactly the same. Online students have the same opportunity to interact with their classmates and teachers, as if they were in the room with them. You won’t miss out on anything – you can see and hear exactly what in-person students do and can participate by asking and answering questions via your computer microphone. It’s just like being on a Zoom call!

Our full-time ESL courses are all LIVE classes, so don’t worry about falling behind. And if you’re concerned about time differences, we hold classes in the EST timezone, so you won’t have to worry about inconvenient scheduling.

Choose LLI and take advantage of our flexible and inclusive learning options to take your language skills to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to become the confident and fluent English speaker you’ve always wanted to be!


Pathway Course:

A pathway course is ideal for students who plan to continue their education in an English-speaking university. This course provides academic instruction in English, study skills, research, and English language proficiency. By taking a pathway course, you’ll gain the necessary language skills and confidence to succeed in your university studies. We are proud to have partnered with esteemed institutions such as Conestoga College, Acadia University, Algoma University, King’s Western University, and many more. These partnerships allow us to offer our students an exceptional learning experience and a pathway to success.


LLI has a specialization in providing preparation to students for their high school, college and university admissions in Canada.

A pathway program is a tailor-made course, crafted specifically to meet the needs of students like you, who aspire to study in a foreign land. It’s a transformative experience that not only elevates your academic knowledge but also enhances your English language proficiency, giving you the edge to enter your desired university.

But that’s not all – a pathway program also provides you with the much-needed emotional and practical support, as you navigate your new life abroad. Whether it’s acclimatizing to the local customs or dealing with homesickness, the program has got you covered. You’ll have access to specialist guidance and counseling to help you cope with any challenges that come your way.

And when you complete your pathway program, you’ll be equipped with the necessary tools to excel in your chosen university degree. With the solid foundation laid by the program, you’ll be more than ready to embark on your academic journey with confidence and ease.

So why wait? Take the first step towards achieving your dreams and explore the world of pathway programs. It’s the perfect launchpad for a successful academic career abroad.

Summer/Winter Camp Experience:

If you’re looking to combine language learning with an adventure, then summer or winter camps are perfect for you. These camps offer a fun and engaging learning experience where you can immerse yourself in the language and culture of your destination country. You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends, participate in cultural activities, and practice your language skills in a relaxed and informal setting.

One can imagine an adventure full of new experiences, stunning landscapes, and hospitable locals. At the Summer or Winter Program provided by LLI, students have the opportunity to embrace the lifestyle of the locals and fully engage in the colorful Canadian culture.

As a student in our program, you’ll have the chance to stay with a welcoming local family as a cherished house guest. You’ll be welcomed with open arms into their home and treated like one of their own. You’ll enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, engage in lively conversations, and gain insight into the Canadian way of life.

Not only is this an incredible cultural experience, but it’s also a safe and secure option for parents. Rest assured that your child will be in good hands, under the care of a trustworthy Canadian family, rather than staying in rented or student accommodation.

Embrace this unique opportunity to create lifelong memories and forge meaningful connections with a Canadian family. Experience firsthand the warmth and kindness of the Canadian people, and return home with a newfound appreciation for cultural diversity.

In the end, embarking on a journey to study English abroad is more than just expanding your language skills. It’s a chance to explore the unknown, to embrace the unfamiliar, and to discover a whole new world of possibilities. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself, to break out of your comfort zone, and to unleash your true potential. So don’t just settle for the ordinary, take a leap of faith and embark on an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t let the chance of a lifetime slip away! Take action now and unlock a world of possibilities by contacting the London Language Institute. Your new life of adventure, cultural immersion, and language mastery is just a phone call away. Don’t wait, grab hold of the opportunity and make your dreams a reality!

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