Test of English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL) Test Preparation Program

TOEFL is a standardized test designed to measure an individual’s proficiency in English. Universities, colleges, and other academic institutions in the United States and Canada require international students to provide proof of their English abilities by obtaining a minimum score.

In addition, many employers around the world require a minimum TOEFL score for employees working in a career requiring knowledge of the English language.

The TOEFL Prep program at LLI is designed to help you meet your TOEFL needs. The program is divided among the four sections of the TOEFL:

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Speaking

TOEFL, ESL and Academic Pathways

Many students will take our iBt TOEFL Preparation course in conjunction with our ESL and Academic Preparation Program. It is vital that students have the necessary language background to meet the high standards of English language proficiency required of tests such as TOEFL. Please see our ESL and University Preparation Program for further details.

Taking your ibT TOEFL examination

LLI is also an official testing centre for ETS and the ibT TOEFL examination. Examinations are provided on a monthly basis.

The LLI iBt TOEFL Preparation program has continuous intake.

The complete program is 12-weeks in duration. However it is possible to join the course for shorter lengths of time for short-term upgrading.

The program runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. each week.

  • Tuesday Listening / Reading
  • Thursday Writing / Speaking
WeeksPower English 2 x 3hr Lessons Per Week

One time Registration fee: $150
Material fee: $70