Why Learn English in Canada?

Canada is a great place to learn English, as it is one of the most friendly English-speaking nations in the world. Canadians come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, from indigenous First Nation peoples to recent immigrants. It is a beautiful country too, where stunning scenery is just a few kilometres from the centre of modern, bustling cities.

Canada welcomes people from all around to world to study, work and live in the country. Each year, around 300,00 immigrants arrive in Canada, and over 21% of all Canadians are immigrants themselves. Over 3.3 million immigrants living permanently in Canada have a university degree. (1)

There are around 620,000 international students currently studying in Canada, and with LLI’s ESL programs, you could be one of them!

Many students come to Canada to learn English and to access higher education not available in their home country. At LLI, we help students reach the standard of English required to enter high school, college, apply to universities in Canada or start work

Our ESL and University Pathway programs are available online and to students who come in person to our Ontario language school.

Why come to Canada to learn English

When you come to study in person, you’ll join the LLI family of students. Our students come from around the world to experience Canada and to access world-class education.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to live in a country that speaks that language. At LLI, you learn English by speaking it in class, not just learning words and phrases. Once you leave the classroom, every moment is an opportunity to practice speaking English, from your bus journey to our language school, talking with other students, or buying your lunch in a store.

As an LLI ESL student you can experience life in Canada when you stay with a family while you study. Our LLI “homestay” families welcome you into their home to live with them and join in with their activities outside of classes. You have your own private room and share facilities with the family. See our page on homestay accommodation for more details.

At LLI, we help you with advice on entry into Canada, including how to obtain a student visa and your Conditional Letter of Acceptance for University entrance. We recommend an experienced immigration law firm to help you establish your eligibility for entry into Canada and provide professional services when applying for a visa.

For full details on how to apply with LLI here in Ontario Canada, see our How to apply page.

1. The Canadian accent

Canadians speak with a gentle accent that makes them very easy to understand when speaking English.

2. English an official language

Canada officially has two languages, English and French. In Ontario, everyone speaks English. Canadian businesses also use the universal language of business – English.

3. Explore a new country

Canada is a BIG country with a rich history, and lots to see, do and explore. Both London and Mississauga (where our schools are located) offer a city full of arts, entertainment, social life and sporting events. From both cities you can visit famous places in Canada such as the city of Toronto, Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes, and more.

4. Experience snow in winter!

Many of our LLI students come from countries where it never snows. So it is very exciting to discover just how much fun snow can be! Experience outdoor festivals and magical Christmas events in the snow, or just enjoy how pretty Canada looks in a blanket of pure white.

Within a hour’s drive from our language schools, you can be on snow-capped mountains enjoying breath-taking scenery or learning to ski for the first time. You can enjoy winter sports such as curling and ice hockey, the national sport.

5. Make new friends

When you come to Canada to study, you will experience how friendly Canadians are. Every day, there is the opportunity to talk with different people. Many of our graduates make new friends for life with fellow students they study with or meet at LLI social events. Many students also stay in touch with their homestay families for years, long after they return to their own countries.

Why choose LLI to study English

At LLI, we are committed to your success and help you achieve your learning goals. This is what sets our Canadian language school apart: our genuine commitment to seeing each and every student like you succeed, and help open doors for your future.

Since we first opened in 1998, we have built a unique learning curriculum and learning environment that have seen many thousands of students reach their goal of accessing a world-class education here in Canada and in the USA.

Five reasons to study with LLI in Ontario, Canada

Not sure which Ontario language school is right for you? Here are five reasons why learning English at LLI is such a special and rewarding experience.

At LLI, all our students learn by speaking and using English in every class, not by memorizing words and phrases. So you can learn by speaking in class, and then be confident in speaking English in real life.

All our teachers follow the same curriculum for each course, following a proven method that has enabled thousands of LLI graduates to access higher education, and also to live and work here in Canada.

For more details, see our page “Study English in Canada”.

We know not every student can afford to come to study in Canada in person. So our full-time and part-time ESL programs can be taken in person here in Canada or online. At LLI, you study exactly the same curriculum and are part of live classes with experienced teachers whether you are watching online or sitting the classroom. So you get the same high quality learning experience every class, and at every level.

You can also transfer from online to in-person learning here in Canada at any time during your course without missing out on any learning.

For more details see our page Learn English Online.

Many language schools in Canada are based in big buildings with big classrooms – and large numbers of students in each class.

At LLI, each class has a maximum of 15 students. Our specially-designed classrooms offer the ideal learning environment with space for students to work together and interact with their teacher. Our small class sizes make sure that our teachers can help and support every student in every lesson, whether online or in person.

The LLI Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) is unique to our language school. As an LLI student, you can log into your own personal VLP account. You can then see:

  • Your program/course details including classes taken
  • Your next class date and start time
  • Your current classwork assignments
  • Your homework assignments
  • Tests and quizzes set by your teacher
  • Join live classes via a Zoom link

Coursework and homework can be completed online via the LLI VLP and sent direct to your teacher to view and to grade.

Once you have completed your program, or moved onto a new level, you keep your log-in to all your coursework and learning materials for as long as you want.

You can also contact your teachers direct via Teams.

Whatever level you join to learn English at LLI, our friendly, helpful, and patient teachers will support you to reach your goals. As experienced Certified teachers, our LLI teaching staff understand the challenges of learning a new language both in a classroom and online.

Our English teachers are qualified to teach a range of courses, include English for Second Language Learners (ESL), TESL/TESOL, IELTS, TOEFL and TESOL. They also have an average of 15 years’ experience in international education.

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