LLI’s Diploma in Software and Entrepreneurship

The New Software Diploma

New Diploma-Software Development and Technology Entrepreneurship

This program does not require approval under the PCCA, 2005.

*** Online delivery available during COVID-19 situation.  Once restrictions are lifted classes will be only offered in a class room environment.

Now accepting application for September intake 2022!


** Conditional acceptance letters are offered to qualified candidates if English is below the minimum benchmark for entry

** Spots are limited in this program and once the program is full a waiting list will be created

LLI’s Software and Entrepreneurship 2 year Diploma has start dates in January  and September. This is a 48 week Diploma with 1200 teaching hours that can lead to a number of great employment opportunities in the area of software development and technology. This course will use a hands on learning methodology to learning. Students may register from our online platform.

Please review the program details and introduction below:

Software Development and Technology Entrepreneurship

Program Description

In today’s hyper-connected digital age organizations in almost every sector depend on the ideas, skills and support of software developers and computer scientists to survive and thrive. They play a key role in driving our society and economy forward. They solve software-related problems by applying theoretical principles, knowledge of systems, algorithms and software engineering methodologies. They develop secure, reliable and innovative software application, and they work productively in a team environment. Our graduates are ready to meet the challenges of this innovative field and will be in demand for their superior abilities in designing and implementing effective computer software.

Tuition Fees and Start Dates Course Fees: $14, 000.00 plus materials per academic year ( 2 semesters)Total Course Fee: $28,000.00 plus course fees ( 4 semesters)** Please note that international students are required to have health insurance for the duration of their studies. Next start date: September 1st, 2020.

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Course Letters of Recommendation

We Teach Our Students to be Entrepreneurs

Our Students learn software Development while they learn how to build their own start-up companies.

The Diploma in Software Development & Technology Entrepreneurship has been designed for international students or professionals that want to work in an English Speaking environment as a software designer, developer, web application or mobile application designer and/or developer. This could be either in a corporate environment, a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) software firm or in a new technology company where an understanding of business innovation and an intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial mindset is crucial for the success of the organization along with the English Language competence needed to work in an English speaking country.

Our Students develop Real World Skills

In addition, to the strong focus on the development of computer Programming skills and a thorough understanding of the Software Development Process (SDP), this diploma program provides industry specific training in:

  1. Front-end Web Development
  2. Full Stack Web Development
  3. Business Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship
  4. Mobile Application Development
A New Way of Learning

One of the core strengths of the program is that it is fully Project-Based Learning (PBL). Students learn by building their own software applications.

The program has a strong element of English Language support built directly into the program to prepare international students to work in the tech industry in an English speaking work environment. The diploma program has a strong focus on project work (both individual and group) with a fundamental focus on the application of subject knowledge which fosters the development of their employability skills. This prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to build exciting and progressive careers in the tech industry.

The program creates graduates with skills and knowledge valued by employers. Graduates will acquire the complementary business innovation and entrepreneurial mindset that is essential to success in a rapidly growing tech industries. This program is unique in that it blends together:

  • Software development and web and mobile applications development
  • Business innovation, intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship and product development
  • English technical language training

This type of program provides our students with the kind of education that makes them the perfect candidates for employers, while giving them the technical skills and English language skills to create exciting new software products that are key to high performing SME’s and tech start-up companies.


“The diploma offered by LLI and developed by IIAD is cutting edge learning and practical hands on development. This course prepares the student for actually real time development working with companies doing projects in a collaborative environment, and mentoring them for their own start up tech companies. Technology has changed so much in the past 10 years, so should the way students prepare for the real world.

I am excited to see what this program does for the student and the city of London.” #startuplondoncanada

Ashley Wagler
Vice President of Business Development
InfoTech Research Group

BCI Innovation Lab and IIAD Global team
Dr James MacAskill
IIAD Global/BCI Innovation Labs
Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EiR)
[email protected]
Dr Mark Weyers
Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
IIAD Global/BCI Innovation Labs
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A CAD$100 non-refundable deposit is required to evaluate your application and offer you acceptance into the program. Click “Send” to submit your application. You will then be redirected to our secured online payment page to make your $100 deposit.