Software development jobs in Canada; how to get the skills you need with LLI

Published On: December 1, 2021
  • Is it your dream to work in IT as a software developer?
  • Or is your goal to set up your own IT company?

The LLI Diploma in Software Development and Technology Entrepreneurship gives you both the technical IT and business skills required to get the job you want. Our Diploma is ideal for students who want to work in an English-speaking country, as the program includes continuous English technical language training.

Why study software development in Canada?

Software developers and job candidates with related IT skills have never been in such demand. According to the Canadian job website Indeed (1), at time of writing there were 19,116 jobs available for software developers. Most of these paid at least $40 per hour, plus full-time jobs with an annual salary approaching $100,00 a year.

What skills are employers looking for?

As a software developer, you are an expert problem-solver. You help create solutions to software-related problems by using your knowledge of theoretical principles, systems, algorithms and software engineering methodologies. You will help develop secure, reliable and innovative software applications, often own a team of like-minded tech experts.

When looking to recruit software developers, Canadian tech companies and employers will also be looking for job candidates with business skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and strong English language skills.

Introducing the LLI Software Development and Technology Entrepreneurship Diploma

The LLI Diploma combines three key skill areas in one program:

  • Software development and web and mobile applications development
  • Business innovation, intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship and product development
  • English technical language training

This focussed program of training provides you with the kind of education that makes you a perfect candidate for Canadian employers. It also gives you the technical skills and English language skills to create exciting new software products.

Our graduates are always in demand for their superior abilities in designing and implementing effective software solutions. Click here to discover more.

Technical software skills

The LLI Diploma includes high level teaching by Canadian experts that:

  • Develop your computer Programming skills
  • Give you a thorough understanding of the Software Development Process (SDP)

The LLI Diploma in Software Development and Technology Entrepreneurship program also provides industry specific training in:

  • Front-end Web Development
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Business Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship
  • Mobile Application Development

With our project-based learning (PBL) approach, you learn by building your own software applications, both individually and as a group. This focus on the practical application of your knowledge gives you an advantage when employers are assessing your employability.

Technical English language training

LLI is one of the leading English language training providers in Canada, with thousands of international students learning online as well as in person at our language school in London, ON. That’s why we can provide our Diploma students with extensive English language support. Developing your technical language skills is built directly into the program, preparing you for work in an English-speaking IT work environment.

Want to start your own software company?

Our Diploma is available online, so you can study in your home country. So you can learn from your own home, and learn the skills and entrepreneur mindset required to start your own business anywhere in the English-speaking world. If you choose to study your Diploma in person here at LLI in London ON, you can potentially access the job opportunities here in Canada or start your own business, once you graduate.

Diploma costs and timescales

The LLI Software and Entrepreneurship 2 year Diploma has two start dates per year, in January and September. We are now accepting applications for our January 2022 intake.

  • 48 week Diploma
  • 1200 teaching hours
  • Three key core teaching areas – software, business and English language
  • Hands on learning methodology to learning
  • Online or in person study
  • Register online

The Diploma Course Fees are $14,000.00 plus materials per academic year (2 semesters). The total Course Fee: is therefore $28,000.00 (4 semesters)

Fees do not include accommodation, living expenses, travel and flights to Canada, visa costs, health insurance, etc. Please note that all international students are required to have health insurance for the duration of their studies.

Interested in becoming a software developer?

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Need more information?

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