Reaching Everybody Anywhere and Anytime.

Here at London Language Institute, we have an ever growing community. Over the past years, LLI has been working on reaching all it is members  prospect, current, and former, through many ways.

LLI Monthly Newsletter brings all the new developments and the current activities to our subscribers every month, is our flag communication channel with our large community.
If you wish to be on top of what’s happening at LLI, follow the link below:
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LLI Facebook Page and Group To stay on top of being connected with everybody, LLI is happy to be on Facebook to connect with its community with all the activities and news.
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LLI S.O.S (Students Online Services) provides our current students with all the information and documents they need to extend their visa/permits, obtaining an enrollment confirmation letters, and vacation requests.
To access the system, follow the link below:
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LLI S.M.A.R.T (Students Monthly Assessment Reports Tele-Access) the newest addition to our online services. It enables our current students to access their monthly reports anytime and anywhere.
The service is still young and it will be growing to include many features to help the students. 
For more information on how to access and benefit from this service, please the administration office.

We would like to thank our community; students, teachers, alumni, for all the love and support.