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How to study at university or college in Canada: English requirements

Published On: July 1, 2021
  • Would you like to study at a college or university in Canada?
  • Not sure what English qualifications you need?

London Language Institute can help! Our Pathway Program helps hundreds of international students reach the required level of English for entry into a high school, college or a university in Canada and the United States.

We have created our own program that prepares you for any academic course taught in English. We can provide conditional letters of acceptance to undergraduate and Diploma programs.

What English qualification do I need for entry to a Canadian university?

Most universities require an average GPA score of at least 75%, with the top universities asking for scores over 88%.

Your GPA is your Grade Point Average for a particular time period. It is usually calculated on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4.0 being the best you can get. You may have to take a particular course (known as a prerequisite course) if you are applying for a diploma or a degree.

College and University Pathways with LLI

At the London Language Institute, we offer two different programs to help you gain entry and succeed on your chosen course.

  • Academic Preparation 1 is a prerequisite program for entrance into colleges at Diploma level.
  • Academic Preparation 2 is a prerequisite program for entrance into university undergraduate degree courses.

When you successfully complete these courses, you will have met the requirements for proficiency in English. You can then gain your conditional letter of acceptance into a post-secondary program.

Why choose a LLI University or College Pathway program?

Our aim is to make sure you are ready to come and study at a Canadian college or university. So, we offer a range of timescales for completing our Pathway programs that result in what is known as a ’special credit’.

• Take your time

If your English is already good, you can complete this credit in as little as 8 weeks. If you need more time, or can only study part time, you can take up to 10m months to complete the program.

• Flexible study

You can study for your Pathway program in your own country, online, and at times that suit you. You can also start studying in your home country, and then come to Canada to complete your studies at our college in London Ontario. Or you can do all your study here at our college campus. It is up to you!

• Online lessons and teacher access

Many of our international students study online, so they can work on assignments when they have time. As an online Pathway student, you will ‘meet’ online twice a week with your teacher and fellow students. You can take your written exams online too.

• Direct entry into a Canadian college

If you complete your Pathway course and gain the level required by your chosen college or university, you can come to Canada and enter directly into your program.

• Training and testing included

Our Academic Preparation Program at LLI includes all the required TOEFL and IELTS training and testing. We also include Canadian cultural classes, math upgrading lessons (if required), and other specific skills required for your success.

Our five-step program

To make sure you have the best chance of success, we help you at every stage from your initial application to when you start at college of university.

Why study in Canada

Canada is a very welcoming country, and there are many opportunities for students of all ages to come and live and work here. For example:

  • Students on a public college Diploma program may work up to 20 hours per week.
  • If you are married, your spouse can receive an open work permit so they can earn while you study
  • Your children can go to a Canadian public school and high school for free!

Entry requirements for the LLI Pathway programs

To qualify for our Pathway programs, you must:

  • Have completed high school in your home country or Canada


  • Be in your final year of high school


  • Have a minimum English level of LLI level 5 or IELTS 4.5-5.0

How to join a LLI Pathway program

Apply using our screening application form

You can find out more in our online presentation

If you have any questions, you can email our office at

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