LLI PART TIME ESL Program options- online

Greetings from our London Language Institute (LLI). LLI is a leader in Canada and has been providing educational programming to students around the world since 1998.

Two Options:

LLI offers a 7 level ESL curriculum.  After writing your test you will be placed into a level and can choose from three class options.  Each level is broken into 10 units of study which are 18 hours of instruction.  All classes are live with a Canadian teacher.  Classes are kept to a maximum of 12 students.

  1. Classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:15 pm (EST).  Each unit is 2 weeks in duration
  2. Classes Saturday’s from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (EST). Each unit is 6 weeks in duration.

Students can begin classes at the beginning of a unit.  Start dates are posted below.  Students may choose to study for 1 to 10 units to complete a level.


Option 1

Start date


Dec 7th


Jan  4th


      Jan  18th       Feb 1st           Feb  15th     Mar 1st      Mar 15th   Mar 29th     Apr 12th

Option 2

Start date


Jan 30th March 13th April 24th  June 5th    

Certificates are issued at the end of each level.

Students will also receive an LLI e mail that includes access to Microsoft Office- free Word and Power Point

Cost for each unit is $108.00 ( Canadian dollars $6.00 per teaching hour) . Special pricing is available until December 31st 2020.  Any application received prior to December 31st 2020 may receive special pricing in 2021.  

There is a one time payment for the e book of $50.00 (CDN) which covers 1 to 10 units of study.  E book is interactive contains 100’s of hours of supplementary material.

** Students can pay for one unit at a time.

** No application fee

** Once we receive your application we will process and send you details on how to make your payment through our secure online payment portal

The following English assessment test can be used to assess your current level of English. This is an introductory test and once you complete it we will send you the results in 3 business days. Many students want to know how long they need to study to reach a specific English goal and this test will provide feedback on your current level of English. Please do your best to answer all questions. The test should take 15-20 minutes to complete.


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    Application Information
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    Note: Each unit is 18 hours of study. Monday-Thursday classes complete one unit in 2 weeks, Saturday classes complete one unit in 6 weeks.

    If you were referred by a representative or agency, please indicate their name:

    Please use the space below to provide us with additional information about your application.

    * London Language Institute will be in contact with you within 3 business days.