New endings, new beginnings

Published On: January 10, 2023

We always start a new year full of expectations, don’t we? A new year implies on the renewal of energy, focus and the hope of making our dreams come true. 2022 wasn’t any different. New year, new me, right? And LLI was here for you, to make sure your journey went as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

LLI has been going through a huge transformation ever since Covid hit. We have been investing in technology, developing curriculum, and improving on every angle so we can always be better at helping you achieve your goals.

Here is a quick recap of a few things we achieved during the year of 2022.



  • assisted over 150 students in their English-speaking journey,
  • got all our students through to college and university through our Pathway Program,
  • had its first Summer Program after a 2-year hiatus (Thank you for that, Covid),
  • visited Brazil and Berlin for conferences,
  • was able to get back on track for our favorite events throughout the year: Halloween, Potlucks, Movie days, and so many more!

Along the year we celebrated our student of the month; had multiple parties; welcomed new members to the team as well as volunteers during the Summer Program. Luis and Maria were extremely helpful and made sure all our students had the necessary support and assistance during our trips to Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland and Niagara Falls. Our beloved teacher and coordinator JP was present on every excursion, making sure every single student was having the time of their lives. Wanda, our Head of Academics, has been working closely with the students and the direction of the school to improve our curriculum and train the best team of teachers you will ever meet!

Our team has grown a lot this year. We hired new teachers, expanded on the internal support staff and have been investing in new programs and innovating our scheduled activities.

LLI has big plans for the year 2023 and we are extremely excited to share some of them with you without giving too many spoilers.


This new coming year:

  • We have more Colleges and Universities partnering up with us for the Pathway Program.
  • The Summer Program has been developed even further and now we have more trips, more events and better yet: the opportunity for the students to also take our Business Course during the most amazing trip of their lives.
  • We are adding monthly extra curricular activities such as: the Book Club, Painting Night, Trivia Night and so much more!

A new year brings new opportunities. It’s the best moment for you to look into your goals and actually map out the steps necessary to take you to where you want to be, and LLI is here to help you through this!


With LLI you can:

  • Reach your goal of becoming a fluent English speaker
  • Get to know Canada during our various trips, as well as integrate with our culture as you live with a Homestay family
  • Take our Business Program
  • Get the qualifications to even become a teacher yourself
  • Make friends from all around the world
  • Grow as a person as you tackle all new responsibilities
  • Become more independent, as Canada is a safe place for you to take public transportation and not depend on anyone else
  • Improve your critical thinking skills, as we are constantly provoking our students to think outside the box
  • Get to know different cuisines around the world: LLI is located in the most privileged area of the city
  • Get the requirements to be accepted into college

Our mission is to help you get to where you need to be. It’s to orient you and guide through the whole process of learning a new language and getting acclimated to a new culture.

You can always count on us to get you there!

As we finish one more cycle, we hope that you will take a long look into your past year and cherish every little thing that you made possible, learn from every mistake, and respect your own pace, path, and history. Great things take time, but that doesn’t have to be forever. Be consistent and don’t ever let go of your vision for the future that you desire. Soon you will be exactly where you dream to be!

We can’t wait to see you here in 2023!

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