Wanda McKay

Wanda McKay

Position: Instructor & Practicum Supervisor
Categories: LLI Team

Wanda has been an ESL instructor at LLI since 2013, and an ACE TESOL instructor and practicum supervisor since 2018. Wanda successfully completed the ACE Diploma course in 2015. She is member of TESL Ontario, and a current member of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Wanda has over 5 years of teaching experience in South Korea and New Zealand. Wanda loves to say that she is fluent in two languages, English and sarcasm! She will often incorporate humor into her lessons to help students feel relaxed and less stressed about the learning process.

Through her experience of living in other countries, Wanda knows what it is like for the students in her class who are experiencing culture shock. She does her best to explain English grammar, but also tries to help her students navigate any of the challenges they may experience while living in Canada.

Wanda always has a shopping or restaurant recommendation for the students and loves hearing about what they think of the places she has recommended in London