Rosemary Hummel

Rosemary Hummel

Position: ESL Instructor
Categories: LLI Team

Rosemary  is passionate about language and has been tutoring and teaching English in the classroom and online since she was a student herself. She has studied English at university level and graduated with honors.

Additionally, she has read hundreds of books in several different languages and has even had a little of her own writing published. She holds four TESOL certificates, including the ACE TESOL certificate, attained at LLI in 2017.

Rosemary values conversation and communication in the classroom. She is open to each student’s individual perspective and experience, and encourages students to express themselves authentically. She makes an effort to learn about each student’s personal motivations in order to meet individual needs and help achieve individual goals.

In addition to teaching, Rosemary loves travelling and meeting new people. Her favourite cities are Victoria, B.C. and Edinburgh, Scotland. When she is not travelling the world, Rosemary spends her time hiking, running, practising yoga, reading, and caring for houseplants.