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Kyle Wing

Position: ESL Instructor
Categories: LLI Team

Hi there, my name is Kyle and I have been an ESL teacher since 2014. After graduating from McMaster University with a degree in English & Cultural Studies, I started my career In Xi’an, China. I lived in Xi’an from 2015 – 2020 and taught everything from conversational English, IELTS, to business English for software companies. I have a worldly view and enjoy learning about different cultures and languages. I believe that language is the key to understanding and being able to enjoy what the world has to offer. This stems from my drive to learn as much as possible when I travel in order to avoid the discomfort and confusion of not knowing what is happening or being said around you! During my free time I really enjoy taking photos using old 35mm cameras as well as watching films from around the world. At LLI, I am always willing to help our students and create a fun learning environment where students don’t feel shy to express themselves and share their feelings. My job is to help you succeed in your English education journey!