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For payment of your Tuition Fees: London Language Institute has partnered with Western Union, to provide you an easy and efficient process for making payment. We use Global Pay for Students, which allows you to pay your fees in the currency of your choice in an easy and efficient manner, via both methods of Credit Card or International Wire.

STEP 1: Enter Your Student Details
Enter your student information on the GlobalPay for Students home page.

STEP 2: Enter Your Payment Amount
Enter your payment amount in Canadian dollars.

STEP 3: Select Your Currency and Country*
Select the currency you would like to pay in and your country.

STEP 4: Print Your Payment Instructions
Enter the details of the person making the payment and print your payment instructions.

STEP 5: Process Your Payment Locally
Complete your payment at your bank or with online banking using the printed instructions.

* Please contact our office if you require an original letter of acceptance couriered to you. Fees for this service vary and we can provide you with this service if required.


Pay Easily and Efficiently
Make your payment quickly complete your
enrollment sooner.

Save on Processing Costs
No transfer charges through Western Union
Business Solutions.

Use Your Own Currency
Your full payment amount will still be received
in Canadian dollars.

Stop Worrying About Exchange Rates
Rate is held in for 72 hours, so the full amount
arrives every time.

Save on Bank and Credit Card Fees
Use an affordable local bank transfer.
Gain Payment Peace of Mind

Your funds will arrive in full, on time, without
deductions or delays.