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Be Your Best with TVO Independent Learning Centre through London Language Institute Secondary School Education. Your Future Awaits!

TVO Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is a trusted Canadian online high school and distance education leader. As experts in education, we have helped hundreds of thousands of students ages 14+ to achieve their goals. London Language Institute is proud to be an official provider of TVO/ILC high school program in London Ontario Canada and at approved branches globally.

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ILC: Facilitated Program through London Language Institute

Whether you’re looking to complete an internationally recognized high school diploma, earn prerequisites to gain entry into a top university or college or in need of a flexible way to reach your career goals, LLI and ILC are the places for you.

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Access world class Ontario high school curriculum and credits

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Courses are offered by academic session with several start dates throughout the year at London Language Institute. Course load is flexible and convenient.

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Experience personalized guidance from caring and qualified Canadian faculty that includes qualified facilitators at London language Institute

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Discover an innovative approach to facilitated learning and world class language support from London Language Institute

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Explore 100+ secondary school courses across a range of subjects

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International student’s can register for 1 to 4 credits per academic term at London language Institute making your education cost effective

*Excludes supplementary materials required for some courses

London language Institute and TVO’s ILC High School Program

ILC was started 90 years ago by a team of expert and supportive educators. Today, our certified Canadian faculty develop and deliver courses that incorporate leading thinking in education – education ranked amongst the best in the world. Over the years we have grown to become a well-respected distance high school educator, and one that helps to prepare international students ages 14+ for valued university, college and work placements.

London Language Institute was formed in 1998 and is now a leader in language preparation and training specific for international students. The relationship with TVO/ILC and London Language assures that students have the language requirements to take of the academic workloads with continued support from our qualified facilitators

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Discover What Students are Saying About ILC’s World Class Program

It is rare to find such an enthusiastic school that is helping students and changing their lives. I could not have made it to where I am without your help; you have encouraged me in unimaginable ways by supporting, believing and giving me a chance to follow my dreams. I cannot wait to move onto the next stage of my life and college. – Nasir Ali, ILC graduate

My diploma has increased my value at work…computer skills and English speaking. I found it much more fulfilling learning now because I was finally learning for myself. – Alana Lowe, ILC graduate

Registering for TVO’s ILC High SChool Program at London Language Institute is Easy

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Submit academic history

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Complete LLI’s English assessment

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Flexible payment options paid directly to LLI

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Notification of admission