LLI’s TESOL/TESL Certificate Programs

Enhance your teaching skills with ACE TESOL and Advanced Teacher Training Courses at LLI

Our ACE TESOL programs are designed to provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge to teach English to adults either in Canada or abroad. Our ACE TESOL programs are recognized by TESL Canada which is the national professional organization for English language teaching in Canada.

You can learn in person at our London campus or online via our LLI portal.

Our ACE TESOL Courses

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ACE TESOL Certificate Program

Based upon the most current teaching theory and methodologies, this foundation program includes 100 hours of coursework and a 20-hour practicum.

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Develop your teaching abilities, enhance your professional credentials, and increase your confidence as an English language teacher by earning a TESOL Diploma.

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ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture

Learn about the critical interaction between culture and language in the classroom, and how to effectively teach students the cultural influence on language.

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ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration

Develop ideas, strategies and tools for integrating ESL students into K-12 classrooms.

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ACE Certificate in Teaching English For Academic Purposes

A focussed program to help you effectively prepare your students for success in an English-speaking higher education setting.

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ACE Certificate in Teaching Standardized Test Preparation

Help prepare your language students for standardized English proficiency tests including TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and the Cambridge Exams.

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ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language

Learn general strategies and skills for teaching English to adults in workplace, occupational and professional settings.

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ACE Certificate in Language Program Management

This theory-based course is specifically meant for language professionals who currently run a language program or are looking to move into a management role. The course covers general management, marketing, finance, and human resources.

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ACE Certificate in Language Teaching And Technology

Teaches teachers how to use different technology tools, and how to apply these tools in the ESL language classroom and online.

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ACE Certificate in Advanced Grammar For English Teachers

Learn how to analyze complex grammar structures and how to teach these structures in a meaningful and interesting way.