LLI Shaking Harlem Style

What does spring look like in Canada? The blanket of snow is removed from the earth and nature wakes from its wintry sleep. The sun shines daily. Grass and flowers push through the softening ground to surprise us with their freshness and colour. It is a  welcome change after the long, cold winter. New life is evident everywhere. They say in Canada that spring is “blossoming.”

That’s not the only thing developing, however, because at LLI new friendships are blossoming. Between the cultures we are finding common interests and exploring new ideas. What better way to enjoy each other’s company than to share a fun experience? We get out into the London community for skating, movies and tours of local businesses, but Andrea and Catalina had the great idea of putting together a LLI Harlem Shake! This was a fantastic way to welcome spring! In some cultures dance is a way to express the important events and changes in life. Take a look at the video: we are celebrating our connection with each other and looking forward to the changes that spring will bring. Shake it, baby!