LLI English Placement Test

When you sign up for an LLI program, you will be required to take our LLI Placement Test online. This is part of your “on boarding” / induction as a new student at LLI, whether in person or online.

This test will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete and can be completed online at your convenience.

Who needs to take the LLI English Placement Test?

All new LLI students take the same placement test when they are accepted into an LLI program.

This Placement Test is unique to London Language Institute and will test your:

  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • Knowledge of grammar and vocabulary

You might also be required to talk with one of our staff members to assess your English proficiency in more detail.

The results of your test enable the administration at LLI to correctly assess your current English abilities and place you in the appropriate ESL class or English language program.

When can I take the test?

You do not need to take this test until after you have applied and received a conditional offer of acceptance into an LLI program.

Students who wish to study at the school in person are asked to complete a 2-hour test on their first day of orientation. The online test can give us a general sense of your English ability but the 2-hour test is more thorough. When you apply, we will email you details regarding how and when to take the test.

I’ve been asked by LLI to take this test. How do I prepare?

First, make sure that you have a good internet connection. Check that your computer or device is plugged into a power source so that your battery won’t run out.

You should also take the test in a quiet place so you can focus on your test and not be distracted by things going on around you.

The test involves listening to audio, so we suggest you wear headphones so you can hear the audio clearly.

Allow at least 60 minutes (one hour) to complete the test from start to finish. You must complete the test in one sitting. For example, you can’t start the test in the morning and then go back to it later in the day.

I’m ready to take my test now

Just click on the START button below to begin your test.

Take your test anytime online, 24/7/365.

Please allow at least 1 hour to complete the test.

The LLI English Placement Test is free to take.