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London Language Institute school partners

LLI partner schools can offer our ESL curriculum and upon approval (performed by LLI) can offer TVO’s ILC High School program controlled and supervised by London language Institute head office. This curriculum uses the FILM model which is different than the regular programming offered through TVO and ILC. The FILM model can be offered overseas and leads towards an OSSD. LLI is in the process of approving new partners and we ask that you contact our office for more details and provide us with the following information:

1. School Name
2. Address
3. Contact information including position at school
4. Web site address
5. History of school
6. Number of students anticipated in our high school program
7. Current ESL training curriculum in place if any
8. Teacher qualifications

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London Language Institute is a Global Brand

LLI has worked with international partners for over 20 years. Throughout these years we’ve catered to international students that have English as a second language, and are looking to develop their English speaking, reading and writing skills. Our ESL program not only equips students to become fluent English speakers, but also prepares students with the language proficiency required to be successful in ILC’s English high school courses and work towards earning their Ontario Secondary School
Diploma (OSSD).

This is a great opportunity for our partner school’s to benefit from our affiliation with TVO’s ILC program, where international students can take the same curriculum Ontario students have access to.

Program Advantages

1. Flexible programming designed to support English as a Second Language Students. Public Program.
2. Start dates in September, November, January, March and summer.
3. LLI can have credit transfers assessed through ILC so that students can have a complete transcript.
4. Standardized marking as all assessments are performed by ILC teachers with final examinations administered under strict protocols ensuring that student results are standardized and easily recognized and accepted by colleges and universities once students are seeking post secondary entrance.
5. Cost effective. Students can take up to 8 credits per academic year and only pay for what they need.
6. Students will be assessed with their language by London language Institute. No need for TOEFL, CAEL or IELTS testing for admission into this program.
7. Students will be provided language support prior to beginning programs to ensure they are starting programs with the English proficiency necessary for success in all subject areas in their high school courses.
8. The Ontario Secondary Diploma is a globally recognized Diploma that can be used to apply to post secondary school around the world.

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London Language Institute is an approved affiliate of TVO’s ILC High School Program- FILM

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LLI is a leader in ESL and associated programming with partner schools globally

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LLI’s curriculum is easy to use and standardized lesson plans for ESL training are available for lease. LLI’s ESL levels are approved and recognized by TVO and ILC with minimum standards required before students begin high school programming.

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Five Full levels of ESL and over 100 High School credits are available
List of High School credits available

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LLI will assist with syllabus and scheduling of classes for our international partners

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London language Institute can provide qualified facilitators for TVO’s ILC High School program and TESL Certified teachers for ESL classes. LLI continues to work with facilitators to assure programming is running smoothly. LLI is the Affiliate that works directly with TVO and ILC.

LLI’s ESL curriculum along with TVO’s high school programming are easy to set up and organize

Contact LLI to begin approval process

LLI provides training to staff/teachers and facilitators throughout the approval and delivery process

LLI has branch offices around the world

LLI continues to monitor and assist students with guidance and university applications