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LLI’s ESL Curriculum now offered globally

London Language Institute’s ESL program is now being offered at partner schools around the world. Contact our main office in London, Ontario Canada for inquiries at [email protected]

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Bring a world class and Canadian recognized curriculum to your school!

LLI ESL Program

LLI is pleased to offer a fully integrated ESL and Academic Preparation program that can be offered around the world. This 7 level ESL program is currently being offered in several countries and at LLI partner schools.

Over the past 20 years LLI has developed a world leading curriculum that focuses on standardization and utilizes the most current teaching methodologies. LLI use programs developed by both Pearson and Oxford who are the leaders in curriculum development and text book publications in the world today This package includes the following:

  1. 7 Levels- 184 teaching hours in total *(each level)
  2. Lesson plans for teachers to use with minute by minute directions on what to teach. Eliminates the need for teachers to plan lessons and ensures that students are always receiving the same materials and information.
  3. Assessment and examinations
  4. Edits and updates to ensure programs are always up-to-date and covering current topics
  5. Full teacher and administration training prior to start of program and once program is launched
  6. Online student and administration monitoring and support
  7. Access to our university pathway
  8. Both digital and paper based packages are provided
  9. Online level placement service provided to all partner schools free of charge

Partner School Leasing Details

LLI’s curriculum is very flexible and can be taught in any school environment so long as internet access, computer, overhead projector and white board are available. Our lessons can be taught from as little as 45 minute teaching blocks up to 5 hour teaching segments. The flexibility and of this program ensures that schools can offer this program in conjunction with other programs being offered.

Program Advantages

  1. In today’s educational world standardization is very important. Our curriculum assures that the same lessons are being taught to students in each level no matter who is teaching or where in the world classes are being taught. Consistency!
  2. Over 20 years this program has been developed and edited. The Program is offered at more than 70 partner schools around the world today to over 20,000 students.
  3. LLI is one of the largest teacher training centres in Canada offering TESL Canada Certification, TESOL Diploma and post graduate TESOL Programming. As a result, LLI has the experience to train teachers and administration on how to utilize and manage the ESL curriculum in their school. In addition, LLI can recommend quality teachers to our overseas partners.
  4. Curriculum utilizes text books from Pearson and Oxford- world’s largest publishers for Education
  5. Topic based learning. Curriculum uses most modern techniques and moves away from traditional memorization learning styles.
  6. Cost effective
  7. Updates are provided routinely assuring your curriculum does not become outdated
  8. LLI provides set up, training and ongoing support once a program has been purchased
  9. LLI provides official Certificates to each student with partner school branding at the completion of each level

Online teaching options now available

Partner Schools and School Boards

LLI has partner schools around the world that are offering LLI’s ESL program and LLI’s TVO\ILC High School Program.

Partner school contact information is kept confidential.  Please contact our main office with any questions- [email protected]

LLI is pleased to have established partnership with many schools around the world.

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LLI head office Canada now controls and works with all partner schools directly. Any interested schools should contact Director, Justin Wismer at London Language Institute for further details. [email protected]


In China, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, United Emirates and Mexico we have partners schools that are controlled and monitored by regional offices.

Please contact our head office if you are a school or institution looking for additional information on how to become a leasing partner of London language Institute’s ESL curriculum at [email protected].

LLI Roadmap to Success

LLI Teaching Process

Please review the attached PDF for an introduction of our award winning ESL curriculum.

LLI Teaching Process 2nd edition