LLI COVID-19 Policy

Published On: September 6, 2021

LLI COVID-19 Policy

The health and safety of Learning Languages Institute (LLI) and London communities remains our highest priority. On Aug. 26, and in accordance with a letter from the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health, we strengthened our safety measures against COVID-19, joining other post-secondary institutions in Ontario in implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for all individuals (students, staff, faculty and contractors). All individuals who are participating in LLI campus activities in person must be vaccinated.

All students, staff and faculty are required to complete the vaccination status declaration form to disclose their current vaccination status as soon as possibleIn order to attend classes in person on Tuesday, September 7th, the vaccination status declaration form must be completed before 9:00 a.m. Tuesday even if you are not fully vaccinated.

Individuals who declare on the form they are fully vaccinated will be required to upload proof of their vaccination status.

Individuals who are partially vaccinated and planning to be fully vaccinated will be provided information on additional health and safety measures that will be required to participate in school activities, including, but not limited to, once per week rapid testing. After Oct. 15, individuals (including students, staff, faculty members, and contractors) who have not received their final required dose of vaccine or have not received an accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code will not be permitted to participate in in-person LLI campus activities unless they have completed an Educational session through Learning Languages Institute that focuses on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccinations. These individuals will also be required to complete weekly rapid testing, which may involve a fee.

Any false information or misrepresentation on a vaccination status declaration form will be grounds for disciplinary action by Learning Languages Institute.

*** Please ensure you are logged into your LLI Microsoft Teams account to complete the declaration form

Verification documentation will be kept confidential in compliance with statutory privacy requirements and will only be shared with a limited number of dedicated LLI staff as required to protect our community. Vaccination status will be shared on a need-to-know basis for purposes of establishing eligibility to participate in in-person LLI activities and follow-up, as necessary.

Visitors to the LLI campus will be screened upon arrival and are not required to complete a Vaccination status declaration form.

For individuals who request an accommodation for medical or protected human rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code, a confidential process for assessing those accommodation requests through the relevant offices will be followed. We expect that accommodations on these grounds, based on regulatory or clinical definitions, will be rare.

Ensuring high rates of vaccination remains the most important way we can protect public health during the pandemic and reduce the spread of COVID-19. If you are hesitant to be vaccinated for any reason, please know that there is now overwhelming evidence that vaccines are safe and that they will protect you from the worst of COVID-19. If students have questions about getting a vaccine, they can contact our main office and we can refer you to a local medical expert here in London, Ontario Canada.

Thank you, again, for your patience as we plan and adapt to the ever-changing nature of this pandemic.

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