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Start your business education with the LLI in September 2021

Published On: July 20, 2021
  • Are you starting a new job in Canada?
  • Want to study in a business program?
  • Worried that your English is not good enough?

The London Language Institute can help you! Our Business program is designed for international students who want to prepare for a new job or apply for a business course at a Canadian college or university.

Unlike many business English courses that focus just on language, our course teaches you the theories and principals of business.

Over the 11 weeks of the course, you will learn how to apply these principals and knowledge in real-world business situations. So, when you enter the workplace or join your course, you already understand key areas of business practice.

Create your own business

There is no better way to learn about business than to create your own! During the course, you will plan and create your own business, and present it as a real case scenario at the end of the course.

During our Business program, you will also work on case studies of real companies and analyse what makes them successful – or not! When you gradate from our Business program, you will have genuine insights into real companies and business models to take on into your college or university course, or directly into your new job.

What you will study

Our Business Program prepares you for the major business tasks you may need to do in a new or existing job at a company, corporation or organisation. So, our program focuses on the following:

  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Management
  • Business Scenarios
  • Managing People
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management

By studying these key areas of business, you will learn Canadian business practices and skills alongside developing your English skills. So, when you enter the workplace or join your college course, you are already familiar with many of the business phrases and “buzz words” used by your college tutors, lecturers and fellow students.

How to apply

At LLI, we have successfully prepared hundreds of students for their new college course, university study or for joining the Canadian workforce.

To apply for our Business Program, you will need to have an upper-intermediate level of English proficiency.

Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 11 weeks, from 9am to 12noon. If you need to improve your English as a priority, you can take the Business program alongside our other ESL and Academic Preparation Programs.

The LLI Business Program tuition and related fees are:

  • Course Cost $1350.00
  • Material Cost $90.00

Our next LLI Business program begins on September 6, 2021.


For employers and university entrance professionals

Our Business Program offers exceptional levels of teaching for students wishing to make Canada their new home, either for work or to study on a business course or degree program.

• As an employer, you’ll benefit from students arriving for their first day of work with a high level of business knowledge. They will also understand and speak English that is appropriate for the workplace, and already know much of the vocabulary of the business world too. So you won’t have to spend time explaining what a balance sheet is, or worry that your new team members do not understand business terminology.

• As a college or university professional for a business program, you can rest assured that LLI Business program graduates have a good grasp of business techniques, practices and vocabulary. You will know they are prepared and able to learn from day one.

Need to bring a group of students or employees up to speed?

No problem! Our Business Program can be tailored to your requirements and can run throughout the year. At the London Language Institute, we offer:

  • Special group classes for the Business Program, allowing students to join on a specially-arranged schedule.
  • Specialized 1-4 week business courses on various topic areas throughout the year.

Please contact our office with groups of 7 or more student to set up these specialized Certificate Programs.

Ready to study at LLI?

Please contact us at to apply for the Business Program or APPLY NOW using our online application form.

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