Study English online with the London Language Institute

If you want to learn English online, our Canadian language school is a great place to start.

At London Language Institute, you can learn English as a beginner or improve your English language skills in interactive classes with Certified English teachers. With LLI’s Virtual Learning Platform, you can join in live classes online from the comfort of your home, no matter where you live in the world. All you need is a computer or tablet with a microphone, and a good internet connection.

Live learning with LLI

Unlike many other online English courses, our full-time ESL courses are exactly the same for in-person and online students.

As a full-time online ESL student, you take part in each lesson as if you were sitting in the classroom. You can see and hear what is happening and join in exercises with other students. You can also interact directly with your teacher by asking and answering questions in class.
Part-time ESL course options are available with live classes in the evenings and on weekends. With so many flexible course options, you don’t have to let family obligations or work commitments stop you from developing your English skills.

The LLI Virtual Learning Platform

All of your worksheets, books and other learning materials are available for you to view anytime on the LLI Virtual Learning Platform. Just sign in online with your name and password to access all of the materials you need. When you have completed your studies, those materials are stored online for you forever, at no extra charge.

Join our diverse classes of international students

At LLI, we welcome online students from around the world every day into our ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. When you join us as an online (virtual) student, you first take an assessment test so we can place you in a class with students at the same level of English as you.

Why learn English online with LLI

Here are five great reasons why you should choose to study English online with London Language Institute (LLI) in Canada.

Almost all of our LLI programs include live classes with a teacher and students who are all online at the same time. So you can learn with other students and ask questions in real time, no matter where you are in the world.
At LLI, we keep class sizes small both online and in our physical classrooms. Your teacher will know your name, interact with you online, and help you with any learning challenges you may have.
All of our online courses are available through our own unique Virtual Learning Platform that is very easy to use. If you can view our website, you can study English with LLI!

Our teachers are all experienced TESL Certified teachers and have a strong grasp of the English language. Our amazing teachers are qualified to teach a range of courses, including English for Second Language Learners (ESL), TESL/TESOL, IELTS, TOEFL and CELPIP. We offer many wonderful programs to help you reach your learning goals, whether they include:

  • Learning to speak English fluently
  • Gaining the skills necessary to teach ESL
  • Preparing for an English proficiency test in order to get into post-secondary education.
At LLI, we get you speaking English in your very first lesson! Our students learn by speaking and using English in our interactive and engaging classes, not just memorizing words and phrases in a textbook. We don’t want you to just learn English in the classroom either. We want you to be able to go out into the real world and feel confident interacting with native English speakers in real-life situations. Whether it is ordering coffee at a café or speaking in a job interview, we want to set you up for success and help you reach your language goals.

Want to come to Canada part-way through your studies?

With LLI, you can transfer from online to in-person learning here in London, ON or at our Mississauga campus at any time. All of our teacher teach the same curriculum, so you can continue to study without missing out on any important lesson content. We can also help you with accommodation and getting a visa with our preferred immigration law firm in Mississauga.

Want to access higher education in Canada?

At LLI, we specialize in preparing students for high school, college and university entrance here in Canada. Please see our University Pathway page for more details.

Are you ready to learn English online?

We are very pleased that you are considering London Language Institute as a study option and want to assure you that you will have our support while working towards your learning goals.

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To apply to study online at LLI, simply find the program you’d like to join, and click the Apply Now! button.

We thank you for your interest in LLI, and we look forward to welcoming you to your first class very soon!