Jeffrey Goddard Faculty

Jeff has been teaching ESL since 2002 and has taught a wide variety of students of different cultures, levels, and ages – from kindergarten South Korean children to EAP with Vietnamese seminarians to tutoring an Italian professor, and everything in between. He has spent time at several different schools and programs in the London area, and also taught in South Korea for a year and a half. He has also visited the US, Cuba, London (England), Tokyo, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He dreams of seeing so much more in this world, and although he has been across Canada from coast to coast, he hasn’t seen all of this huge country yet!

Jeff has his Bachelor of Science in Biology from The University of Western Ontario, but realised long ago that he loved interacting with, and helping, people from other cultures. So he got a Certificate of Second Language Teaching with distinction from UWO as well, and then later on attended the Masters of Education program at D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York.

Jeff believes in teaching with friendliness, understanding, and humour, and uses this approach to put students’ minds at ease as best he can. He looks forward to meeting and teaching you one day!