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Home from home in London ON for ESL students

Published On: July 30, 2021

Moving away from your home to study English in another city can make you feel both excited and nervous. You will probably feel the same if you come from your own country to study in London Canada for the first time.

You will have lots of questions too:

  • Where will I stay during my studies?
  • What will my school be like?
  • What is there to see and do when I am not studying?

When you come to study at the Learning Languages Institute, we welcome you into our school, our homes and our community. We organize where you will stay, so you can enjoy your studies and make new friends from your first day here.


Where will I stay?

We know that your parents may be worried about where you will live when you study in London. That’s why many of our students choose to stay with a Canadian family here in London, ON. These “homestay” families welcome you into their home to live with them while you study. All LLI homestay families are carefully screened by a Learning Languages Institute coordinator to ensure that you will be living in a comfortable, friendly home.

Your homestay family will provide a private bedroom with:

  • a comfortable bed
  • a desk for your studies
  • a closet and/or drawers to store your clothes

Your host family will also provide you with three meals a day.

If you come to study English in London with your family or a group of friends, you can rent one of our own 2 and 3-bedroom furnished apartments in London.


What will my school be like?

The Learning Languages Institute has some of the best language school facilities in Canada. Each of our 15 classrooms is laid out like a company board too, so you can work with your fellow students and your tutor. Every classroom has state of the art audio-visual equipment so you have the best study tools available when you study here.

Our language school in London also has a large computer lab, student lounge areas, study areas, and lunch areas which includes microwaves, fridges and vending machines. The Learning Languages Institute is also open most evenings after school hours for special functions and evening classes.


What is there to see and do?

LLI is located in the heart of downtown London, which is Canada’s tenth largest city. Founded in 1826, London has a rich history that you can explore including heritage houses, the Old East Village area, and in the city’s museums and art galleries. London is also known as the “Forest City” with its beautiful parks and walks along the Thames River that runs through the city.

London is also a cheaper city to live in than Toronto or Vancouver, with lower rents and cost of living. So you can spend less money and do more things, like try new restaurants and bars, see a play at the theatre, watch sports games, enjoy music festivals, and much more.

London has a modern transit system so you can travel around the city easily by bus. It is also close to Toronto, and the famous Niagara Falls. LLI organizes day trips and other activities in and around London, so you can enjoy your time here with fellow students and make new friends.


How to study English in London Ontario

When you study at LLI, you can learn English at a top language school, live in the community, and also travel to experience some of Canada’s most incredible and attractive sites.

Apply today to study English at Canada’s No1 language school(1), the Learning Languages Institute!


(1) Consumers Choice award winner as top language school for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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