Akrami & Associates

Helping to Simplify Travel Arrangements and Requirements

Published On: May 25, 2022

LLI is pleased to work with our official immigration partner Akrami & Associates Immigration Law Firm to provide immigration information sessions and consultations to students, agents, and management.   Please note the referral for appropriately handling the case.


At Akrami & Associates, putting people first means caring about a person’s circumstances and asking enough questions to develop clear and successful strategies for immigration to Canada.

Even though it may be easy to group clients under one application category, each person’s circumstances are unique. We understand, and use this information, to the best of our abilities. We apply our extensive knowledge and experience to formulate multiple scenarios and choose the most successful approach that will produce the best results.


We believe that “where there is a will, there is a way”… and we can show you the way.


+1-416-477-2545 | Toll Free: 1-877-820-7121 | info@thevisa.ca

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