Hello World! We are Canada’s London!! Welcome to the Arena!!!

The month of March is here everyone!

Winter is leaving soon and spring is coming sooner we hope.

Although March has come in like a lamb and might go out like a lion, let’s hope it goes like Leo; warm and sunny.

During this time, our London – Ontario, Canada – will stand on the world stage.

We will be hosting the World Figure Skating Championship from March 11 to March 17. The world will hear about us, watch us, and will come to visit us.

The London.ca website has experienced its feelings with… 

The World Figure Skating Championships is a once in a lifetime experience for London – and it’s about more than skating – it’s about showcasing London to the world. There are lots of opportunities for Londoners to get involved. Events you can experience for free include the “Tree of Light” Sound and Light show, broadcasting twice nightly outside the Budweiser Gardens; cultural performances at Skate House Canada outside of Covent Garden Market; live tree carving; the Downtown London Welcome Centre and much more. 

Its message to us is…

Let’s welcome the world as only Londoners can do! If you see someone who looks lost, help them out, share information about the city, local attractions, events, etc. This is our chance to show our pride in our city. 

What do you think they should do, go, and experience in London?