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Free English lessons from the Learning Languages Institute

Published On: May 26, 2021
  • Do you want to study English?
  • Are you a beginner or have not taken an English class before?

Our new free online English lessons are for you!

At the Learning Languages Institute, we want to help you learn English at your home. So, we have created short “mini” lessons you can watch anytime to learn basic English in your own time.

These short English lessons are for “low beginners”. You are a low beginner student if you are just starting to learn English or have not studied English before.

Learn English for free

Each free video lesson is presented by one of our experienced English teachers in Canada. Every pre-recorded video lesson includes a quiz you can take for free, and you will get the results immediately online.

This will help you learn faster, and also understand how good your English is. So, if you want to go on and join one of our online courses, you know what level your English is!

How to see the free online ESL lessons

To view our free lessons, you need to be connected to the internet on a computer or a phone you can watch videos on.

Click the link below to see all the English as a Second Language (ESL) mini lessons available here on our website.

Or you can see them all on our LLI YouTube channel.

These lessons are free, so you will not need to pay for them. When you take the short quiz, we will contact you with the results by email. By giving us your email address, you are giving Learning Languages Institute permission to contact you about your results.

Start with 4 free lessons

Ready to start learning English with us? Great!

Here is what you will learn in the first four lessons. Each lesson is five minutes long, and you can watch it as many times as you want. You can stop the video and go back to any part you did not understand.


Lesson 1: How to greet people

In this lesson, you will learn what to say when you meet someone for the first time, such as the greeting “hello”. You will also learn what to say to people when they greet you.


Lesson 2: How to tell people what you do

In this lesson, you will learn about the verb “to be” and how it changes if you are talking about you or someone else.


Lesson 3: How to ask a question

In this lesson you will learn how to ask a question and use your voice to help people understand you are asking a question.


Lesson 4: How to pronounce English words

In this lesson you will learn about syllables, to help you speak and understand English better.


LLI will have 6 lessons in this mini-series with new lessons being added every two weeks. So do come back to this website for new free online ESL lessons.

Online ESL courses at the Learning Languages Institute

If you find these lessons very easy, you can learn more by joining one of our online courses, either part time or full time. Our online courses are not recorded videos. They are live classes you join online. So, you learn with other students, just like in a classroom, and your teacher can answer your questions during the lesson too.

We offer different classes for every level of student, from beginner to college entry level. Click on the links to learn more about:

To apply for any LLI paid English courses, click the link below:

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