Our ESL LLI programs are priced by the number of months you want to study. Other programs have a fixed fee.

All program prices are listed under the “Pricing” tab on the individual program page.

Enter that information into our LLI Costs Calculator to work out how much your studies will cost.

Our Canadian language school offers 7 levels of ESL, from beginner to pre-university preparation. We also offer specialist programs such as our Medical Preparation program. Learn more at our full-time ESL program page.

When you apply to study at LLI, you will take an English Placement Test to assess your current level of English. You can also Test your English online to discover the approximate level of your English before you apply.

The number of hours you spend in class for our full-time and part-time ESL courses is the same in-person and online. Other courses have different class timetables.

Full details are under the “Dates and Times” tab on each individual program page.

To apply, you first complete our online application form. You can find this on the Apply Now tab on each individual program page. Once we have received your information, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance and Invoice by e-mail. You will need these documents to show to Canadian Immigration when applying for your Immigration documents.
Once we have received your application to study in person here at LLI, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance and Invoice by email. You will need these documents to show to Canadian Immigration when applying for your Immigration documents.

Students studying for longer than six months are required to obtain a Student Permit before arriving in Canada. Students must apply through a Canadian Consulate or Embassy in their home country.

Students studying for less than six months in an ESL institution are not required to obtain a Student Permit, however, a Visitor Visa may be required (depending on nationality of student).

Students that do not have a Canadian Consulate or Embassy in their home country must apply through the nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy in a neighbouring country.

Please contact London Language Institute administration with any questions regarding applying for your Student Permit. We would be happy to assist you!

For details of LLI’s preferred immigration law firm, please see the next question.

Our language school recommends you use our preferred immigration law firm Akrami and Associates. They have helped many LLI students and graduates come to Canada to study.

LLI accepts new students on the first Monday of each month for ESL programs. Other LLI programs offer a range of start dates. All start dates are listed under the “Dates” tab on the individual program page.
If your application for a Student Permit is denied, the tuition fees are completely refundable. However, our administration fee of CAN$150.00 is a non-refundable fee. To obtain a refund, you must send your original letter of acceptance and the letter from Immigration stating that your application was denied. Once we have received these documents, your refund will be issued in the same manner the fees were paid in.

Refund Policy
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South-Western Ontario has four distinct seasons.

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As a student, you are responsible for obtaining medical insurance during your stay in Canada. The insurance may be obtained from your home country (don’t forget to bring proof of your medical insurance when you arrive). However, most students choose to apply for medical coverage when they arrive in Canada. The cost of medical insurance is approximately CAN$60.00 per month. Alternatively, LLI can arrange insurance via Guard.me if required.
London Language Institute attempts to maintain a very diverse student population. Our students (past and present) have come from the following countries: Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Thailand, China, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Canada (Quebec), and several areas in the Middle East.

When you arrive, you will be required to complete the LLI Placement Test. From the results of this assessment test, we can determine your level of English and place you in the appropriate class with other students that have similar abilities.

LLI offers homestay accommodation with local families. For more details, see our Homestay page.