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Want to work anywhere in the world? Learn English!

Published On: September 23, 2021

English is the language of business, spoken in the top 20% of global companies and the official language for higher education in many countries. So, learning English should be your first step if you want to work or study in another country, or want a career in international business.

What are the top five business languages?

The top languages spoken by business people are English, Chinese and Spanish. It’s important to remember that even in China, international companies such as Microsoft have English as their official corporate language.

Top 5 Business Languages of the World by GDP (IMF, 2018)

Rank Language  GDP($US Billions)  % of World GDP
1 English 28.088 20.77%
2 Chinese 26.56 19.64%
3 Spanish 8.17 6.04%
4 Arabic 7.1 5.25%
5 Japanese 5.63 4.1%


Top 7 reasons to learn English

Here are the top seven reasons why you should learn English too!

1. You can work in lots of different countries

If you want to work abroad, English is the official language in over 50 countries across the world. In many other countries, people speak it as their second language, including countries in Europe and Scandinavia. Also, many international companies use English as their “first” language, so people based in different countries can work together.

2. You can talk to people in other countries

English is spoken by 1.75billion people in the world to a “useful level”. That is just under 25% of the world population – a lot of people! This means that you can talk to them and understand what they are saying. So if you go on vacation, you can talk to people even if you don’t know their native language.

3. Your business can sell to other countries

If you have a business and want to sell your goods and services to the rest of the world, you should learn English too. For example, you may work for a Spanish-speaking company, and you need to talk to someone in a Danish company. It is unlikely you can speak Danish or they can speak Spanish. But if you both speak English, you can work together. Your business will then be able to sell to that company which could not happen if you only speak Spanish!

4. English is the language of the Internet

If you are reading this article, you probably used Google to find out about “why learn English”. We would guess that 90% of the articles you found were written in English, even if Google has translated this blog for you. 26% of online users use English to browse, search and communicate. If you have a good standard of English, there is so much more information available to you for work, for study and for your interests, including books, music, films and culture.

5. English is the universal language in modern industries

If you want to work in science, aviation, IT, tourism, and media including TV and films, speaking English will help you get the job you want more easily. You can also build an international career rather than just staying in your home country.

6. You can study at top universities

Many universities across the world teach in English. So if you have a good standard of English, you can study for a degree at one of the top universities in America, Canada, the Uk and many other locations. At LLI, we offer English classes at 7 levels that are a “pathway” to entry to major universities here in Canada and in the USA. For more information, see our Business program page.

7. Learning English helps you learn other languages too

Once you have studied English as a second language, you will find learning other languages easier. You will know the best ways to learn a new language, and the methods that work for you. Learning a new language is also good for your brain, creating new pathways, and keeping your thinking flexible and efficient.

Why study English with the London Language Institute (LLI)

At LLI, we have taught people from over 75 countries to speak English at our Canada language school. Our English as a Foreign Language (ESL) courses help everyone learn English better by speaking and using the language, not just learning words. That’s why all our classes are live, not recorded, and have only 12 students per class. So you can learn English with other students, ask your teacher questions, hear the language spoken, and be part of our school community.

We know that many students who want to learn English as a second language may not be able to travel to Canada to study. So, you can study all our LLI English as a Foreign Language (ESL) courses online, on a computer in your own home country.

We have created a special website “portal” that gives you a secure connection direct to our classrooms here in Canada. So you can see and hear the class, and join in via video, at the actual time the class is happening here in Canada. Many of our online student say it’s the best way to study without actually being in the classroom yourself!

Need more information?

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