Debunking the Myths about Online Language Courses

Published On: January 3, 2023

Learning anything, even a second language has become so easy these days, thanks to virtual learning platforms. No matter where you are, you can just plug in your internet connection and get on with the learning courses. While that’s the benefit of online language learning courses, there is a lot of prejudice about them. People often contemplate enrolling in an online course, influenced by the misconception about their efficacy.

It is a common misconception that online language courses are not as effective as traditional, in-person language courses. However, this is simply not true! Online language courses can be just as effective as in-person courses. Through this blog, we will address these tell-tale myths about online courses and bring out the facts, followed by listing the benefits of such courses.

Myths & Facts about Online Language Learning Courses

Here are some of the most common myths about online language courses debunked.

Myth #1: Online language courses are not as interactive as in-person courses.

Fact: This is simply not the case! Many online language courses are highly interactive, with many opportunities for speaking practice and feedback. Some online language courses may even be more interactive than in-person courses since they often make use of video conferencing and other technology to facilitate communication.

Myth #2: You won’t be able to get the same level of feedback from an online course as you would from an in-person course.

Fact: Again, this is not necessarily true. While it is true that you will not have the same opportunity for one-on-one interaction with a teacher in an online course, there are still many ways to get meaningful feedback on your progress. For example, most online language courses provide opportunities for students to submit written assignments for feedback, and many also offer live chat or video conferencing options for extra interaction.

Myth #3: Online language courses are not as comprehensive as in-person courses.

Fact: This myth is probably perpetuated by the fact that there are many low-quality online courses. But that’s not the case with all courses you will find online. Take the language courses by LLI as an example. We have advanced modules that are updated regularly to meet the contemporary language learning statutes. You have to choose the right course to get desired results.

Advantages of Learning a Language Online

There are many benefits to taking an online language course, such as the ability to learn at your pace, the convenience of being able to access your course from anywhere, and the cost savings compared to in-person classes.

  • Online courses offer flexibility and convenience that traditional classes cannot match. You can study at your own pace and on your own schedule, which is perfect for busy adults.
  • It often provides more comprehensive coverage of material than traditional classes. This is because online courses can make use of a variety of resources, including video lessons, audio files, and written materials.
  • It can be more interactive than traditional classes. Many online courses make use of forums, chat rooms, and other features that allow students to interact with each other and with their instructors in real-time. This allows for a more personalized learning experience.
  • These courses offer a more immersive learning experience than traditional classes. With interactive exercises and real-life audio and video materials, you can gain a better understanding of the culture and day-to-day usage of the language you are studying.
  • Online courses can be affordable than traditional classes. Because they do not require the same overhead costs as traditional schools (such as renting classroom space), online language courses can be very budget-friendly.
  • Finally, people simply learn better when they are studying independently. If you are a self-motivated learner, an online course might be the perfect option for you.


The key is to find a course that is well-designed and that uses proven methods for teaching the language. So if you’re interested in learning a new language, don’t let the myths about online courses dissuade you – they can be a great option for getting started! Check out the online language courses offered by Language Learning Institute. It is one of the premier institutes in Canada with provisions for both online and offline classes. Give us a call for a quick consultation before enrolment.

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