Connecting with the Community

In recent months, many students from LLI have expressed an interest in volunteering within the London Community. They were eager to share their time with people who needed it and an opportunity arose with the London Food Bank. On Friday March 22, a group of about 13 students went down to the Food Bank to learn a little more about this organization, how it works and what volunteer opportunities are available. 

The London Food Bank is a large warehouse, seemingly filled with boxes and boxes of food sitting on shelves, but an amazing number of things are happening inside those walls. The Food Bank serves over 3500 families each month. More than two-thirds of the families visit the Food Bank more than once in a year. About 25% of families have no source of income and just under half of the Food Bank’s clients are children. There are 5 full-time staff members as well as 1 person working part-time. All the other work is done by volunteers! 

The students listened and watch intently as the co-ordinator took us on the tour and afterwards, many students were more determined than ever to donate their time to the Food Bank. Specific volunteering duties, days and times are being determined right now and will be made available to students as soon as possible. Do you want to connect with the community? There are opportunities out there!