LLI COVID-19 Policy

LLI COVID-19 Policy The health and safety of London Language Institute (LLI) and London communities remains our highest priority. On Aug. 26, and in accordance with a letter from the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health, we strengthened our safety measures against COVID-19, joining other post-secondary institutions in Ontario in implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for all individuals (students, staff, …

LLI offers Free online ESL mini series for low beginners

London Language Institute is pleased to be offering our free online ESL mini series for low beginner students. These mini lessons are pre-recorded and followed by quizzes that students can take for free and receive results immediately. You can access this Free lesson from the attached link: https://www.llinstitute.com/free-beginner-esl-lessons/

LLI wins Consumers Choice Award for third year in a row.

London Language Institute is proud to announce that we have received the 2021 Consumer Choice Award as top Language School (London) for the 3rd year in a row. We would like to thank our staff and partners for their hard work and dedication that made this award possible. Lastly, we would like to thank all the international students that were …

LLI weekly Podcast is now live

London Language Institute is pleased to be hosting a  weekly podcast.  This podcast will discuss the ESL industry in Canada and provide insight and details to students studying English around the world today. The podcast can be accessed from the attached link:  https://llinstitute.buzzsprout.com/

LLI’s virtual ESL program receives great reviews

London Language Institute developed a virtual platforms that has been utilized by partner schools for the past several years.  This platform is now being used in our full and part time ESL programming. This platform integrates our curriculum so that students are engaged and are able to access their course work and live lessons from the platform. Classes are 100% …

LLI opens for regular classes today July 27

A beautiful day to begin classes again at our institute. Students are now permitted to study in class. Many of our students are also studying online as our curriculum is designed for both online and in person classes to study together in our virtual learning platform. Welcome back!

LLI planning on opening school July 27th 2020

London Language Institute is in the planning stages of opening classrooms Monday July 27th. Students will have the option of being in class or they can still attend classes virtually through our platform. LLI will be contacting all local students and setting up virtual orientation sessions to cover COVID -19 procedures at the school. Classes will be restricted to space …

LLI enters into partnership with Be+Group in Colombia

LLI is pleased to enter into a partnership with Be + Group in Colombia.  LLI will provide ESL and associated programming to students and partners of Be +  Group in Colombia. On July 10, 2020 at 3:00 pm Colombian time LLI will be hosting  live seminar presentation. Please contact our office at [email protected] for registration information.

LLI will be providing student subsidies effective May 4th for students enrolled in our online virtual ESL classes.

Effective May 4th 2020 LLI is proud to announce that special pricing will be in place for students taking our virtual online ESL classes.  This will include all ESL levels, university pathway and IELTS preparation courses.  We recognize the financial challenges that COVID-19 has caused on many people and we hope this subsidy will allow students to continue with their academic …

LLI announces Partnership with Gimnasio Los Pinos

London Language Institute is pleased to announce our partnership with Gimnasio Los Pinos in Colombia. Gimnasio Los Pins is a well established school in Colombia with a great history and strong academics. LLI will be offering our ESL curriculum (both online and in class) along with LLI’s TVO\ILC High School program whereby students can attain an OSSD in Colombia before …