Bianca Muzzillo

Bianca Muzzillo

Curitiba – PR


Email: [email protected]

Phone: + 55 (41) 9 9997-2616


Canada has been in the heart of Bianca since 1997, when she studied at Leamington District Secondary School, lived in Leamington for 6 months.

And in 2016 she returned to London for 3 weeks on tourism and then in 2017 for 2 months was when she studied at LLI school and fell in love with the environment and the teachers. She volunteered in July for the Summer Program.
She has been a representative of school in Curitiba / PR since 2017.

She returned to Canada in 2018 for 3 months and two of them as a Summer Program School volunteer in July and August. And your love goes on.