ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture

The ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture is designed to make language teachers aware of the critical interaction between culture and language in the language classroom.

Our course is founded on the most up-to-date research on culture, intercultural communication, cultural awareness and the relationship between language and culture. This course provides you with both the knowledge and practice with which to effectively teach your students culture along with language.

Why Choose the ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture

  • 35+ hours of coursework
  • Learn ideas, strategies and tools with which to successfully teach culture to your students.
  • Increase your marketability as a language instructor

Course Content

The ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture covers the following subject areas:

  • What is Culture?
  • Cultural Products
  • Cultural Behaviours
  • Cultural Values
  • Culture Knowledge
  • Culture Behaviour
  • Culture Attitude
  • Influences on Culture
  • Culture and Language
  • Culture and Communication
  • Culture and Identity
  • Interactions Across Cultures
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Critically Evaluating the Culture in Language Course Materials
  • Remedial, Targeted and Integrated Teaching

Program Assessments

Students will complete a Task Journal for each of the 15 course modules and submit them on an ongoing basis to their instructor for feedback and assessment.

The instructor will assess the students’ understanding of each module based on the correctness and completeness of their responses in the Task Journals. Tasks provide students with the opportunity to put course concepts into practice through research, analysis, evaluation and lesson planning. Tasks include answering discussion and short answer questions, and completing short curriculum design tasks.

The Task Journals comprise 100% of the final grade.

Courses are offered three times per year:

  • September 15 to March 15
  • January 15 to July 15
  • May 15 to November 15

*Note: Each session is 6 months in duration. It is possible to begin mid-session, provided the course is completed prior to session end date.

ACE TESOL Diploma Ontario3 x 3-month sessions (flexible)$2,800
ACE TESOL Certificate program11 weeks$1995
ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture6 months$540
ACE Certificate in K-12 ESL Student Integration6 months$595
ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes6 months$650
ACE Certificate in Teaching Standardized Test Preparation6 months$650
ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language6 months$650
ACE Certificate in Language Program Management6 months$1275
ACE Certificate in Teaching Occupation Specific Language6 months$650
ACE Certificate in Online Language Teaching6 months$650
ACE Certificate in Advanced Grammar for English Teachers6 months$650

One time Registration fee: $150
Material fee: $90

Students are responsible for arranging their own medical insurance before traveling to Canada. Alternatively, LLI can arrange insurance via if required.

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The ACE Certificate in Teaching Culture is designed for teachers of English or other languages as well as anyone teaching or conducting training in a culturally diverse environment. Participants may be currently practicing teachers or trainers or anyone with an interest in teaching culture.