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5 Tips on How to Be An Excellent Student

Published On: May 18, 2022

You may already have your own study habits — but just like in learning — it’s good to have a little refresher every now and then.

1.)  Organize Yourself – Whether it’s a small task that might be easily forgotten or an epic task you’re embarking upon; the first step is to keep track of time and effort.  Multitasking is not an effective strategy for accomplishing things as you’ll find yourself constantly having to re-remember all the facts.

2.)  Don’t be afraid to ask questions – In all likelihood, someone else probably has the same question but may be for some reason too shy to ask.  If you’re stuck working on a problem, getting answers quickly can mean the difference between moving forward to the next step, or getting dismayed & discouraged.  The teachers want you to succeed!

3.)  Don’t Put Things Off – Pace yourself with material over a longer timeframe, by starting early. You don’t have to finish the material all at once, but if you start even a little piece early, it will go a long way towards helping time management.  You also might notice it’s easier to get caught up in productive work when it’s something less dreaded.

4.)  Explore – Whenever a teacher assigns homework there are usually some questions not assigned; so if after finishing the regular assignment — you’re still not sure about the material you can always try and answer one of those. Challenge Yourself!

5.)  Listen – Pay attention to instructors, and take notes to make sure you remember things.  You may feel like you’ll remember things afterward, but there may be something more complicated around the corner that makes you forget what happened earlier.


Good luck!

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